2015 Porsche Panamera ST: Correcting The Mistakes From The Past [PICS]

The Porsche Panamera is undoubtedly a great performance vehicle but it is unfortunate that it came out with a horrendous design. The criticism was loud on this and Porsche even admitted to their faults.

Now, the German carmaker intends to do some correction as it looks to update the Panamera with an Sports Turismo variant. The upcoming Panamera ST is confirmed to make its debut next year and it will come with a brand new design.

In detail, Porsche claims that the Panamera ST will be taking inspirations from the Macan. However, the styling will be tweak in a manner where the car is still be recognizable as part of the Panamera family.

Furthermore, Porsche shared that the Panamera ST will be built on the MSB platform. The luxury company admitted that it has been a long while since the Sports Turismo badge was applied on their vehicles and with it returning to the Panamera, it also confirms that the latter won’t be a convertible.

For the fans, they are surely hoping that the Panamera won’t be an epic fail. Anything below will be unacceptable but judging from the sound of it, there is a lot of confidence for the Porsche Panamera ST.

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