Kia K900 vs BMW 7-Series: You’ll Be Surprised

The BMW 7 Series has always been recognized as one of the world’s leading luxury sedan and only few is capable of competing with it. The latest BMW 740Ld XDrive is simply sublime with its offering, even though it runs on a 3L Diesel engine and the AWD system.

On the other side of the world, there is Kia and the all-new K900. Despite the latter being classified as a luxury sedan, it runs on the RWD system and is way cheaper than the 7-Series. Even so, the K900 managed to wow the world as it offers a relatively quiet and ultimately comfortable driving experience.

The difference between the K900 and the 740Ld is with the motors. The South Korean car is powered by a large V8 petrol mill, which can be a pain in terms of petrol dollars. The 740Ld, on the other hand, is built to be fuel economical.

In detail, the 740Ld is truly fascinating as it returns fuel consumption ratings of 30mpg on average. Even when being powered by diesel, the engine performs quietly and efficiently, like most petrol engines.

Obviously, there is no way the V8-powered K900 can compete with the 740Ld economical ratings. Then again, the K900 is almost half the cost of the 740Ld. In other words, consumers will have to choose between cheap getaway, which is the K900, or cheap running cost, which is the BMW 740Ld.

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