Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18: 2015 Countdown Starts Early

The highly anticipated TU18 update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 has finally been released and with it comes so many new contents and features for the players to indulge on. Today we are going to focus on one particular feature and it is the fireworks.

Prior to TU18’s release, 4J Studio shared a screenshot that shows fireworks exploding in Minecraft for the Xbox 360. Well, the screenshot was not lying when it suggests the feature to be added in Minecraft.

Players can simply harness gunpowder as it is the core material needed to create fireworks. The amount of gunpowder also determines the height and size of the fireworks. Also, gunpowder can be mixed with other substances like golden nugget to shape the explosion. Of course, using the golden nugget will give off a star-shaped firework.

This new feature is added in time to prepare the players for the upcoming New Year’s celebration. Players can start developing their fireworks now and show it off on New Year’s Eve, when the countdown clock hits zero.

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