2015 Chevy Colorado: Success Before Challenge

Chevrolet launched the all-new Colorado last year and it came out with tons of exciting things to offer. Like how the Apple iPhone is in the world of smartphones, the Colorado became a national phenomenon the moment it was launched.

It seems that almost everyone has an interest with the Colorado. Thus is apparently due to its stylish design which is soft on the eyes and inspires confidence. Also, the Colorado is fully customizable through the online generator launched by Chevrolet at the time of release. To complete the package, the Colorado is able to return 3 to 5mpg extra gas mileage when compared to its rivals.

Chevrolet admitted earlier today that they didn’t expect an explosion of anticipation for their latest pickup truck. The order for the Colorado has never stop piling, thus, resulting in Chevrolet hiring many new employees just to ensure that supply is sufficient at all times.

Of course, it is still too early to speak of whether the Colorado is the best pickup truck around. To know for sure, car junkies will have to wait until Ford launches the next-gen F-150 and Toyota launches the next-gen Hilux. Both rival pickup trucks are due to arrive at the end of this year and they will surely bring the competition to the Chevrolet Colorado.

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