iPhone 6 16GB: A Huge Flaw On Every Generation

Over the years, iPhone users have been facing a common issue and that is storage space. This is why many had a hard time in trying to figure out why Apple persist with offering 16GB with the latest iPhone 6 when clearly, it won’t be enough to meet users’ needs.

It doesn’t help upon learning that the apps too are growing larger in size. Full paid apps averages at about 5GB each and taking that out of the 16GB will leave users with little space to play with. Of course, iPhone users also need to consider the fact that the iOS system too eats up a big slice of the internal storage.

Even today, those that have bought the 16GB iPhone 6 are already whining on how they are continuously facing warning messages on lack of memory.

It is simple to explain Apple’s decision on this one and that is to ensure that the 16GB iPhone is an affordable device for consumers with lesser funding. Then again, what Apple failed to realize that it is giving consumers some false hope in owning the iPhone 6 before discovering the big white elephant on the device.

With that being said, those that are planning to get the iPhone 6 should stay away from the 16GB variant. The solution is simple. Consumers will either have to save up more for the 32GB variant or simply wait for the iPhone 7 to come out with at least 32GB of storage space.

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