2016 Ford Bronco: Likely Or Unlikely?

There have been so many rumours doing the rounds, suggesting that Ford will be looking to launch the next-generation Bronco this year. The Bronco is an old pickup truck from the mid-90s and was discontinued ever since due to some controversies.

Even so, the rumours are indicating that the Bronco will be making its return this year and it will look to dominate the pickup truck market entirely. The word is that the next-gen Bronco will look like is concept which was last seen back in 2004.

Under the hood, the Bronco will come with two engine options and they are the 3.5L EcoBoost engine and the 4.5L diesel engine. Similarly, there will be two transmission options and they are the 6-speed ZF-6 manual gearbox and the 6-speed 6R140 automatic transmission.

Of course, there has yet to be any official word on the matter by Ford so it is best to take the rumours with a grain of salt. As much as it is exciting to see the Bronco making its return, we don’t feel that it will happen.

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