2015 Chevy Colorado: No Challenges Equals Success

Late last year, Chevrolet launched the all-new Colorado and it automatically became the hottest selling vehicle here in the US. Everything about the Colorado is loved by everyone and this is perhaps due to the lack of new pickup trucks since the last decade or so.

The best thing about the Colorado is that it has a stylish new design and it also fully customizable through the online configurator. Consumers are also pleased with how the Colorado is able to offer 3-5mpg more than other mid-sized pickup trucks in the segment.

As great as the latest Chevy Colorado may be, its entire success is actually owed to the fact that there are no real competitors around. Both Ford and Toyota has yet to offer a brand new mid-sized pickup truck and this gives the Colorado the rights to create the new benchmarks in the industry.

It is unsure whether Chevrolet carefully planned the timing of the Colorado’s release. Regardless, it has served Chevrolet well by turning the Colorado into a golden pickup truck

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