2016 Ford Taurus: Boring Booty Is Worrying

It is no secret that Ford is producing a new-generation of Taurus and the sedan is expected to make its debut somewhere next year.

Today, consumers can catch a glimpse at the upcoming Taurus after spy shots of the vehicle got leaked online. If the consumers are to check out the spy shots, they will learn that the Taurus is going to come out with a larger measurement.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to describe on the Taurus’ design since the single image is taken from the rear angle. To make things more worrying, the tail section looks identical to the Ford Focus Sedan and the Ford Fusion.

Ford has been guilty of utilizing one design for all of its vehicles but they did try to make some subtle changes so that each vehicle is more distinguishable. For the Ford Taurus, the large sedan might just end up being distinguishable from only its size.

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