Xiaomi Mi4i: Best Budget Phone Ever?

If you think the Xiaomi Mi4 was great, wait until you meet the Mi4i. This particular device was launched yesterday in India and it came out with interesting specs to offer.

The Mi4i is described as the mid-tier, or budget version of the original Mi4 and it runs on the Snapdragon 615 processor. The chip is paired 2GB of RAM and there is a 13MP rear camera and also a 4MP front shooter in place.

The amazing thing about the Mi4i is that it features a super long-lasting 3120mAh battery. Xiaomi has got it spot on with this as they feel that the Mi4i should offer users a long-lasting usage time. This is probably because the tech manufacturer sees the Mi4i as a spare smartphone instead of a main device.

Regardless of that, the Xiaomi Mi4i is really affordable to own as it retails at only $205. Unfortunately, the smartphone has yet to arrive here in the US and this is expected to happen next month.

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