2013 Dodge Dart: It Can Only Go Faster

Owners of the Dodge Dart that are manufactured in 2013 should know best when we say that the car won’t slow down. This is because of a suspected fault with the Dart’s brakes.

An investigation by NHTSA revealed that the drivers of the Dodge Dart suddenly found the brake pedal hard to depress. This will result in an increase in stopping distance and also cause pop noises to fill the air.

For one of the owner, he received the worst experience ever as he crashed his car due to brake failures while cruising at 50mph. The lad claims that the incident terrified him the most.

Hence, NHTSA is now probing Dodge to recall the Dart that are manufactured in 2013. Owners of the Dart should receive the recall notice within a week from now. If the recall happens, it will affect a total of 121,000 Dodge Dart.

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