2018 Tesla Model 3: Old Assumption Full Of Errors

It is no secret that Tesla is producing a new line of cars and it will be known as the Model 3. Many thought that the Model 3 is going to make its debut in 2017 but in reality, 2018 is the year where the Model 3 gets released.

This was confirmed by Tesla yesterday and they claim the dates have always been like th above. There has been no change to that but it has got the car junkies trapped in a confusion. This is because most of them are really expecting the Model 3 to get released in 2017.

Well, Tesla did mention 2017 some time ago but their statement came out with a deep meaning. If consumers are to read between the lines, Tesla is saying that production for the Model 3 will commence in 2017 and the debut date for the car will be on 2018.

So in Tesla’s point of view, there is no delay with the Model 3 at all. This is surprising really as Tesla is well-known for delaying their products and this is evident with the Model X. Let’s hope the Model 3 don’t suffer from the same outcome.

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