Fallout 4 & Vault Incorporation Weighed Out

One of Fallout trademark contents is the Vault which is a shelter for the masses to avoid getting killed in the nuclear rain.

Back in Fallout 3, the storyline has been about the Vault. The fans are thoroughly entertained by it. This wasn’t the case with the latest Fallout New Vegas where the Vault is a minor part of the storyline. With Fallout 4 being anticipated by the fans, it is a wonder on how the Vault will be part of this upcoming sequel.

The Fallout community has been chiming about this on the internet and it seems that they are one in terms of wanting a control Vault. This special Vault will have no freaky experiments going on in it. Unlike the other Vaults, this one is isolated and suddenly emerged as the birth of a new city.

The fans suggestion is based on what was in Fallout 2. The fans admitted it and claim that such a thing deserves a re-visit.

On the other hand, some fans are calling for the Vaults to be based on industry. Since the above-mentioned Vault is a City Vault, there should also be a Merchant’s Vault. It will be like the market on the wasteland where the population can get un-mutated livestock and vegetables.

Regardless of how it the Vault will be like in Fallout 4, the fans are certainly hoping for a decent township in a Vault to appear in the game.

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