Titanfall: Max Level Can Be Acheived In 100 Hours

The hype building towards the release of Titanfall has definitely been a roller coaster ride. When it was first announced, it did catch the world’s attention. However, speculations about the game start spreading, Titanfall suffered plenty of criticism.

This has forced Respawn to play its card and launched the beta version of the game. A day after Titanfall beta got release, there has been nothing but excitement and anticipation for the real game to come.

Despite that fact, an analyst tried to stir things up by creating a chart which revealed that players can achieve the maximum level in under 100hours of game time. Following the report, a handful of fans immediately returned to being a critic and cursed at Titanfall for being such a short game.

The charts show the average time to earn a level in Titanfall. Of course, this is based on the experience with the game’s beta. To achieve maximum level in under 100hours, players have to gather experience points consistently. On top of that, things like challenges do play a part in determining the time spent to max out the level.

Aside from that, fans participating on that same discussion claimed that experience are double the speed in beta versions. Game developers have been revealed to have tweaked the game’s speed since a beta version is for a short time period only. If this is true, then players might require 200hours to max their level.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of excitement for Titanfall and the fans can’t wait to get the full thing when it gets released.

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