New COD Ghosts DLC & Free Trial Surfaces

Those who have yet to play the latest Call of Duty Ghost would want to stay at home on the 7th of March. There has been word that this high profile FPS game is coming out for a free trial on the weekends 2 weeks from now.

However, it is unsure if this will be limited to a certain platform or will be available to all. Nevertheless, gamers will get the chance to participate in the multiplayer mode which includes Team Deathmatch, Domination and extinction mode.

As for the maps, Strike Zone, Warhawk and Prison Break are the only playable ones throughout the free trial weekend.

Aside from that, the Call of Duty Ghosts will be expecting the next DLC coming very soon to the game. This additional content, identified as Legend Pack will certainly bring in plenty of new stuffs and make the already great Call of Duty Ghosts better.

On another note, there have been hints on the Onslaught DLC going for a free trial starting on the 21st March. Of course, this is still subject to confirmation so take it with a pinch of salt.

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