Shadow Of Mordor 2: Bigger Map, Upgraded Nemesis System

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No confirmation was ever made for Shadow of Mordor 2 but most people seems to believe that there will be based on the ending of the first game as well as some of the leaks and rumors that we have been hearing about.

If there is really a Shadow of Mordor 2, where do you think the game will be set in this time around. Since it is believed to be a Shadow of Mordor sequel, most people are saying that it would defeat the purpose of the title if it was not on Mordor but some fans are hoping that they will be able to travel to some other places besides Mordor.

Others are saying that they are hoping the game would be set after the first game but still before the fellowship has form.

We know that the developers did hint that they were looking to do more with the Nemesis system. Well, we are all hoping that the Nemesis system would come with more variation this time around as well.

What do you think the Shadow of Mordor 2 is going to be about?

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  1. SpecialOps256

    September 29, 2016 at 11:51 am

    I’m hoping for the game to be a lot more challenging. When I was tasked with killing all the warchiefs in the first game, they all had weaknesses that were so easily exploitable that it became child’s play. I’d like to see the weaknesses for warchiefs decreased substantially. I don’t want to see a warchiefs on the menu who looks extremely bad-ass, only to realize it only takes a well placed arrow to end him. And speaking of difficulty, I’d like to have a difficulty system. Where enemies do more damage and they have more health. That would be interesting. Finally, I’d like to travel to places like the Dead Marshes or maybe even Shelob’s cave.