The Last of Us Celebrated The Start If Humanity’s Downfall

If you have played the game, you would know that the 26th of September is a huge day in the game. Called the Outbreak Day, the 26th of September is the point where the virus reached “critical mass” and Naughty Dog is going to celebrate it by offering their fans some new deals and more.

If you are planning to get the Remastered version, you might want to get it now because it will be on sale for the whole week. The Left Behind standalone expansion will also be discounted for this special week.

There is also an Outbreak Day PS4 theme. Those looking to get some of its apparel and accessories would be happy to know that Sony is offering a 20% off those items in their Playstation Gear Store.

Naughty Dog also got artist Kevin Tong to come out with a new poster. The posters are limited so you might want to act fast. The poster will be offered at Bear in mind that the poster will cost $45.

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