Ed Whitacre Becomes Permanent CEO of GM

General Motors made an official statement earlier today that Ed Whitacre Jr. will remain as CEO of GM in a more permanent position. Ed Whitacre had originally been appointed as interim CEO when Fritz Henderson left back in December of last year. Whitacre stated, “The board of directors asked if I would be willing to … Read more

Chrysler-Lancia Brand Merger To Release Full Line Up This Year

Ever since Chrysler had joined with Fiat, the company’s future was in safe hands without a doubt. Rumors flew almost immediately about rebadged Chryslers being shipped overseas and being sold as Fiats, and vice versa. However things seem to have changed again. CEO of Fiat/Chrysler Mr Segio Marchionne has put rumors to rest and has … Read more

VW & Porsche Make Merger Official

It was only a matter of time and merger news has finally arrived. The Volkswagen Group, the largest automotive group in Europe, and manufacturer of sports cars Porsche, agreed yesterday during a meeting in Wolfsburg, the integration of both companies into one “automotive consortium.” At the head of the company shall be the chairman of … Read more

GM Delays New Plant

US automaker GM announced it would stop development of its new assembly plant in Flint Michigan which was going to be utilized to build their 1.4L Cruze engines and their electric car the Chevy Volt. The news didn’t come as a surprise as the auto giant has been struggling to stay afloat and cutting costs … Read more

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