Are you thinking about lifting your truck? That is a wonderful idea. The choice of lifting your truck gives you visibility, great ground clearance and ample space to install those new large tires. There are other reasons why lifting a truck might be such a good idea. These include giving the car a good appearance, making it balanced and less prone to wear and tear. Whether you are trying to improve your glide over off-road terrains or enjoy a better driving experience, you must first know that this action depends on many factors, with the most paramount being the cost. Other factors include the size of your truck and the make or model of the vehicle.

Lifting A Truck

If you’re a truck lover with uncertainties on how much to lift a truck, it would be a great start to evaluate how to go about it, the right kit to get and what method to use. I am sure by now you may be wondering how much are lift kits on trucks, don’t wander off too far; you’ve come to the right place. This article has answers to how much is a lift, how much does a truck lift cost and others. After answering the question, how much is a lift kit? You need to check out a perfect approach to installing. These two keys affect the price of lifting a truck.

Why You Should Pay The Cost For Lifting Your Truck

For some people, the benefits they get from lifting their truck are more or less self-evident. Below are some reasons enthusiasts do not overthink how much to lift a truck?

  1. Lifting a truck affects its appearance, especially when lifted from front to back. In a modern truck, when you add a lift to the front of the vehicle, the frontal slope is eliminated. Also, lifting a truck gives it a threatening look on the road. This additional height makes the truck stand taller, giving it a robust and indestructible look.
  2. Lifting a truck keeps the weight of the truck elevated. This effect reduces the strain on the truck’s tires and axles, especially when you carry heavy loads. Most trucks designed with extra suspension at the rear compensate for the heavyweight on the truck when it is loaded. This weight can cause the rear of a truck to dip lower than usual on the tires and axles. So when you lift your truck, you reduce the pressure of this load for the front tires while providing additional support for the rear.
  3. High ground clearance is a necessity for drivers who use their truck for off-roading activities. Rocky areas, debris etc., are commonly found in the Off-road terrain. When you lift your truck, it reduces the chances that the underside of your truck will brush against these things. When your truck constantly comes in contact with these things, it can cause damage to the axles, wheels and even the chassis. If you ply the highways often, you will not encounter many of these problems along the way.
  4. When you lift your truck, the added height makes driving easier, smoother and more comfortable. When you add a lift kit to a truck, the truck drives flatter, higher and smoother along the way, be it a smooth paved road or a rocky road. This smoothness is very noticeable when going on off-road activities where you easily find the rocky, debris and bumpy obstacles.
  5. Generally, a lifted truck performs better. A lifted truck consumes lesser fuel and develops minor maintenance issues due to the truck’s reduction of tear and wear. When you reduce tear and wear in a tire, it lengthens the life span of the tires and increases their usefulness. Also, When you lift a truck, the amount of shock and the level of turbulence is equally reduced.
  6. Lifting a truck means relieving it of stress.

How Much Is A Lift Kit For A Truck?

It’s right to begin by picking out the right tool kit to get the work done. There are two types of tool kits needed for this job, each having its unique characteristics. Before we delve into their cost, let’s take a look at what these kits do in general.

Leveling Kit

How much does a leveling kit cost, and what can I do with it? A leveling kit is best for balance; it lifts either the front or back of the vehicle and evens any irregularities that may cause a pulling effect on one side of the vehicle. This unevenness could be a result of heavy accessories mounted on the truck bed, e.g. a winch. A leveling kit is what you use to lift the car in this situation to give it more bearing. This kit is your low-cost option for lifting a truck, so you have one less excuse not to get one. Nevertheless, its limitation is that it can only lift a car to a height of two inches, beyond which it is inapplicable.

Lift Kit

Compared to the leveling kit, a lift kit is more expensive but solves the limitation of the leveling kit and allows for the lifting of the entire truck, not just the front or back as the case may be. A lift kit can lift your truck to about three inches. A lift kit increases the truck’s height, gives room for larger space, and installs larger and more durable tires. This advancement makes your truck more equipped to ply rough roads. The process of installing a lift kit is more complicated and difficult when compared to the leveling kit. This difficulty is a result of additional materials needed during installation to make the body lift function properly. You need to make use of a urethane block to raise the truck to a height.

This kit comes in two types, and each type needed is determined by the height or how many inches you need to lift. The first is a smaller lift kit that can raise any truck by two to five inches. The second type includes a larger kit that raises the truck by six inches or more. Using a lift kit, you can make significant changes to your truck. These enhancements will make the truck more suitable for off-roading activities. The good thing is that a lifted truck gives the advantage of a new appearance to your truck, and this is worth the extra bucks.

Body Lift Vs. Suspension Lift

Picking out your choice between the body lift and suspension lift is another area you need to consider to lift a truck successfully.

The Body Lift

The body lift can raise the truck but does not affect the integrity of the truck. This concept makes the body lift a perfect choice for customers looking for a means to install bigger tires without changing the truck’s basic structure.

The Suspension Lift

The suspension lift can raise the truck’s height but can change the basic structure of the truck. The suspension lift kit is expensive when compared to the body lift kit.


In a bid to find answers to how much do lift kits cost, how much are lift kits for trucks or how much does it cost to raise a car suspension?, We hope you don’t lose sight of what’s important. Inspect your vehicle condition and specifications, the kit and installation approach, and the safety implications before embarking on this. After all this, you can wander off to the wilderness in your brand new tires.

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