Best Tires for Sand

What type of tires you have fitted on your car is what determines its performance. With so many tire brands out there, there are so many to choose from and each one of them has its own set of characteristics. If you do not have the right set of tires, it is very easy to be beached when driving on sand. there is nothing more annoying than getting stuck on the sand and may find it difficult to get out if you do not have the right tool or if there is nobody nearby to help. For everyone reading this article, those who are looking to prevent yourselves from ever coming across such a situation, we have carefully described the best tires for sand for you.

Buying Guide for Best Tires for Sand

A. Choosing the Right Tires for Sand

It can be very demanding driving on sand. This is especially true for the owner, car and tires themselves. It is for this reason that you have to prepare yourself and your car before choosing the right tires for sand. In order for you not to be stuck or before even ever thinking of driving through sand, there are steps you need to follow.

  1. The tires must be deflated– this is one of the important factors to consider before hitting the desert-like road. You will float over the sand with deflated tires on. Deflated tires are wide, and this makes them even the weight of the car on a larger footprint.
  2. Install tires that are wider- even though wide tires are not the best option; they provide much higher resistance to sinking.
  3. High sidewalled tires– you go for these to ensure that you can deflate them even more. Shorter sidewalled tires cannot be deflated much further. Even if it is done, the rims might be damaged.
  4. High load ranged tires– this is another reason that contributes to the deflation of the tire. This type of tire is equipped with tougher sidewalls and it is for this reason they can be deflated further without causing any damage to the tire or rim.

B. Sand Tire Types

The best tire type for sand all depends on the type of sand you are driving your vehicle on. To be specific, some drivers find themselves driving through shallow sand while others drive through deep and loose sand. For this reason, you have to be careful when choosing the tire type for your car.

A set of highway tires will do for packed and shallow sand. This is because this type have good enough tread depth for a great traction on packed sand. They also don not sink in sand with their large tread block features. This type is also engineered to withstand a lot of weight.

On the other hand, a set of all terrain tires will do an excellent job, if you plan to drive in deeper and loose sand. Between off and on roads, this type offers a balanced driving experience. It is harder to be stuck with these because of their aggressive tread pattern they are featured with.

Best Tires for Sand Driving of 2021

1.Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

The AT3W, 265/70R17 11T sized tire is a top pick for any enthusiastic driver which is capable for off road use. It is designed with a sporty deep tread design that makes it handle any tricky terrain you use it on. This model can also be used in sand when deflated and this is all thanks to outer apex sidewalls that are very tough. The low tire pressure for extra traction also widens its footprint. The inner casing of this model is also protected by the heat diffuser tech from high temperatures. Because of this feature, its lifespan is prolonged.

The tread compound it is designed with is very strong and reliable that can be used in rough terrains. This means that you do not have to worry about punctures and light cuts on the tire. Not only is it an off road tire but it will also provide you with a comfortable on road performance. One negative aspect we point at this tire is the road noise, but this is expected because it is an all-terrain type of a tire. Another attractive factor about this tire is that it is budget friendly.


  • The traction is decent on sand, snow and rain weather condition
  • It is built to be tough and rigid
  • The treadlife is long lasting
  • Relatively low price
  • Road stability is great

2. Yokohama Geolander M/T G003 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Yokohama Geolander M/T G003 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This Yokohama model is the number two on our list. Geolander M/T G003 is a state of the art mud terrain masterpiece tire. This model boasts a unique design with attributes and functionalities that make it suitable for use on different terrains. The tire has special provisions for on and off road traction to be more specific. One major factor that differentiates this tire from other tires is the signature GEO-SHIELD tech. the function of this tech is to enable the construction to perform perfectly well no matter the terrain or how extreme it is. On the other hand, it has the flat profile whose job is to aid the tire to wear evenly, last longer and perform outstandingly in the sand.

It is also engineered with an advanced pitch variation whose work is to allow the tire to be quiet and more comfortable on whatever terrain. Now the quietness only occurs on road but off road, there some reviews that it is the opposite. Despite this, the offers great value for your money when compared to other prices for the tires.


  • Suitable for use on different terrains.
  • Provisions for on and off road traction
  • Flat profile aid the tire to wear evenly,
  • Last longer and perform outstandingly in the sand
  • Offers great value for your money


  • Below average snow traction

3. BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

In the category, this is the best-specialized tire in sand. For your own information, this model was not designed for on road use, this is for a fact that this tire was designed for serious desert driving enthusiasts who often replace the original tires with these before venturing in the wilderness. Therefore, if you are one of them enthusiasts, then the Baja KR2 is the tire to beat right now.

This BFGoodrich model provides absolutely the best sand traction and the sinking reduction of any tire you will find in store. When designing the tire, the manufacturer had the Dakar rally teams in mind, this is because the tire is most has one of the most reliable performance on sand, and it succeeds at that. Therefore, expect the best from it because it was designed to do one thing, which is excellently on sand. This is witnessed by the tread pattern with large blocks and no siping it is designed with.


  • Impressive sand traction
  • Resistance to sinking is the best
  • It is also durable and tough


4. Michelin Defender LTX M/S All-Season Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Michelin Defender LTX M/S All-Season Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This 275/55R20 tire is a perfect match for your SUV, if you frequently drive on either sand or other rough terrains. You will get the year round service you seek with this tire. Before it starts to wear, the manufacturer has equipped it with 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. Its treads are enhanced with staggered blocks and so you will get the decent all weather traction. For this reason, you will be provided with flexibility where by you will be able to tackle any terrain and that includes sand.

On loose surfaces, it gives you the highest level of traction due to the large footprint it is designed with. On a more positive note, it is constructed with a product that is tough, durable and puncture resistant. This means that without losing its rigidity overtime, the tire can be deflated frequently. Even though the tread blocks can generate quite a lot of noise, it has good stability at a high speed on asphalt.


  • On all terrains, it has enhanced control
  • In rain, it provides great traction
  • The tire compound has rigid puncture resistance features
  • Suitable for driving SUVs in sand
  • Excellent max load capacity


  • Noisy
  • Average snow traction

5. Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar Street Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar Street Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

If you are an occasional off roader, then this is another budget friendly tire for you. Goodyear Durawall tech has been installed on its sidewalls for low tire pressure. The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure is also designed with a thick rubber compound whose job is to make sure that the tire is protected from the occasional cuts and punctures. Because of this, it has great sand performance that will get you from point A to B. with its Kevlar feature, not only is durable, but it is also provided with wide and rigid footprint. With these features, it is almost impossible to sink in sand like surfaces.

For a fact that it is an all-terrain tire, it has a solid performance on the road with minimal road noise. Even though it does not have the deepest grooves in the category, it delivers superior traction and braking capabilities at high speeds. Other attractive features are the extra siping on its tread that are effective in the rain. On the other hand, the grooves makes sure they reduce the risk of hydroplaning.


  • Traction on sand is high
  • Designed with anti-slip features for heavy rain
  • It offers great grip on the road
  • Usable on light snow
  • Kevlar features adds durability and rigidity


  • Average mud traction
  • Average tread pattern

6. Nitto Dune Grappler Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Nitto Dune Grappler Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This one of the top picks for all season in the category. The Nitto Dune packs incredible quality and performance and it offers great value for money when compared to other competing tires. This tire is designed to offer great performance on wet weather conditions, mud, off road, on road and sand surfaces. A three-ply polyester sidewall constructed tire that feature an aggressive reinforcement. It has on road blend comfort feature provides impressive performance on packed dirt, sand and loose rocks.

More grip and traction is provided by the tread blocks that are equipped with significant void ratios between them.

Moreover, it has 3D function that aids in mitigating irregular wear and road noise but this is not the case on sandy conditions. Even though it is quiet when compared to other tires in the category, the comfort is something that this tire lacks. Even though this might be the case, the lower siping area of the tire helps keep the tire in contact with the sand.


  • Offers great value for money
  • 3D function that aids in mitigating irregular wear
  • Impressive performance on packed dirt, sand and loose rocks
  • Lower siping area of the tire helps keep the tire in contact with the sand

7. Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

This is another great all season tire but this time around from Mickey Thompson. In the off road community, this is the already well-known brand. Mickey brand is popular for making high quality tires that are proven on almost any terrain of any type. This tire also has dune abilities for all terrain functionality. This means that not only is it good for all terrain but it outstanding on sandy road surfaces, resistant to sinking.

The silica compound of the Baja ATZ P3 tire has the cut and chip and three-ply sidewall construction features. The power ply of this model protects the tire, making it tough enough to be deflated almost fully. These features aids the tire during driving in loose and deep sand. This model is also designed with deep aggressive shoulder sidebites and scalloped shoulder lugs whose job is to provide the tire with outstanding traction on other off road surfaces such as rocks and mud. This model comes with a 45,000 miles treadwear warranty.


  • Sand traction is excellent
  • Resistance to sinking in sand
  • Durable and tough
  • 45,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • Can be used on road


8.Continental TerrainContact A/T Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Continental TerrainContact A/T Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

In the category this is another best all season tire for Sand. The fact that it is a mild all terrain tire, it focuses on proving excellent on road performance and the usable of road traction. The large contact patch with the surface feature it is designed makes it drivable in sand. Good sinking resistance and traction is what it will greet you with once you deflate it.

Other attractive is that it is good for driving on gravel and dirt. On the negative note, it is not the best in the category for driving on rocks, and it is worse in mud. However, on the positive note, this model destroys other all-terrain tires in the category. Its highway response is the best, and it will [provide you with ample traction, grip and braking. it comes with the class leading 60,000-mile treadwear warranty and it has great light snow traction.


  • Excellently well in sand driving
  • On road, performance is impressive
  • Leading 60,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • It has great light snow traction.


  • Average deep snow traction
  • Not the top pick for mud and rocky terrains

9. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Radial Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Radial Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

You cannot go wrong with this Pirelli model when you are up shopping for a tough heavy-duty tire for sand. Due to its large footprint and staggered tread design, it offers high traction on sand. This model can also tackle terrains with rain and snow without a problem. It is also built with a tough compound that makes it durable. The other function of the tread is provide optimum traction on both gravel and dirt. However, we advise not to use this tire on mud surfaces. This is with the reason that it does not have deep grooves. On the other hand, the road noise it produces is significantly low for an off road tire.

On rough terrains, it is an exceptional performer and when we are talking the price, it will go easy on your warranty or purse if you are an occasional off roader. This is for fact that it is one of the best on road performers. This product will not let you down if you plan to buy something that will last long.


  • Offers a great grip driving on sand
  • On road, performance is the best
  • Does not produce a lot of noise
  • Traction on both snow and rain is quiet decent
  • Can fit on most SUVs and Trucks


  • Low max load capacity
  • Average mud performance

10. Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Tire

[amazon bestseller=”Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Tire” items=”1″ template=”vertical”]

Yet again, the last tire on our top ten list is an all season from Mickey Thompson. Even though it has slightly less aggressive tread pattern, it is one of the best in the category. When compared to latter tire from the same tire maker, it does not have much sinking resistance. It also cannot be deflated as much without causing some damage. Even if this is the case, it is very competitive in the segment and it comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty that is top rated among all terrain tires in the category.

On other off road surfaces, it is impressive, this is because of the angled shoulder scallops, and two pitch sidebites features it is designed with. Not only is the on road traction and grip excellent but the silica-reinforced compound it is designed helps on damp roads, hydroplaning resistance is good as well. Snow traction is the only part this model does not do fine.


  • Can be used in sand
  • Off road, handling is great
  • On the road, it is very good as well


Q. How are Sand Tires Used?

A. Unlike other tires, Sand tires are uniquely designed to offer floatation of the tires in sand. The tire is smoothly designed and it makes use of the ribs to dig through the sand in conditions that are sandy. This tire offers an additional turning force to your car when driving in sand.

Q. How do I choose the right tire size for sand?

A. In tire size, there are two-digit numbers after the slash mark that describes the aspect ratio of the tire. Let us look at the practical example, if we pick P215/75R15 tire size, the 75 denotes the height of the tire that is equivalent to its width. If the tire has a big aspect ratio then it means that it also has a big sidewall.

Q. What brand has the best tire models for Sand?

A. In stores there are many tire brands that offers premium experience in sand, and the ones described above are some of the best you can find out there.


Not only did we do our best to provide you with precise information about sand tires but also the accurate one. We have also provided a buying guide that will help you choose the best tire for your car in sand. Tires for all seasons and all-terrain driving enthusiasts have been included. Though the Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire is our top pick, we recommend all of them to you. Protection Status