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Have you ever wondered how dielectric grease helps your engine parts? In this guide, discover the numerous benefits of dielectric grease to your engine. Read through, share, and let us know what you think!

In car forums for vehicle owners, drivers, and mechanics, there are many controversies about using di-electric grease. Many drivers seem not to know the importance of this grease in preventing corrosion/oxidation of specific parts of their engine. Electrical grease, as it is also called, lubricates connectors, terminals, and similar other engine parts. This lubrication ensures optimum functionality of these parts and keeps you off consistent repairs. In this article, you will learn comprehensively about the grease, its usage, and applications, and every other detail you need to know. Let us dive right in!

Top 4 Grease Products






22058 Permatex TuneUp Grease

3M Silicone Paste

Dielectric Grease/Silicone Paste by Mission Automotive

92003 Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease


Perfect lubricator

Non-automotive purpose

Unadulterated Silicone


Simplifies Installation

Serves multipurpose applications

Applicator brush

Worth the dime

Applicator brush


Brake Caliper grease

High Quality

High Dielectric Strength

Contains Teflon

Applicator tip


Faulty Cap

Packaging Issues

No application tip

Poor Quality Control

Bent Brush

Brush bristles fall off

Too thick



What is Dielectric Grease?

Silicone dielectric grease protects electrical parts, connectors, and terminals from oxidation, dirt, and moisture. It is a non-conductive lubricant for electrical circuits, which draws out heat from the device. There are online speculations about the nature of the dielectric paste; some vehicle users comment that the grease is conductive. Other vehicle users believe that the oily fluid makes electrical connections less conductive, thereby hindering current flow and triggering electrical problems.

However, these are mere speculations, which cannot be associated with the dielectric lubricant. As opposed to divergent beliefs, they enhance insulation and protect electrical connections. They serve as sealants for insulation and keep out elements like moisture, dirt, and air, affecting the insulation process. Regarding the belief that dieelectric grease disrupts the flow of current, an engineer on says,

“One incorrect logic is the“dielectric” in“dielectric grease” means the grease should only be used to insulate. All greases work by the low viscosity allowing the grease to completely push out of areas with metal-to-metal contact. Dielectric grease is just better at holding off high voltages over long paths. “

This quote also answers the question of vehicle users on ‘how does dielectric grease work?”

What is Dielectric Grease Used for?

This grease is used for a variety of applications ranging from spark plugs to connectors. It is also used for other purposes such as battery terminals, light bulbs, and ignition systems. For each of these electrical parts, this non-conductive grease serves multiple functions.

For spark plug boots, the applied die electric grease enhances a smooth fixing in its ceramic insulators. It lubricates the rubber boots of the spark plug and prevents it from getting stuck. It also serves as a high temp dielectric grease to resist the high-temp environment of spark plugs. Thanks to this grease, it keeps dirt and other contaminants off its seals, which might otherwise affect current flow to your engine. As a sealant, it preserves the electrical connection between plugs and wires.

For ignition systems, the grease is used to withstand voltage leakages, while for electrical connectors, it serves as a sealant and a lubricant for its rubber parts.

For the popular question about ‘what does dielectric grease do?’ Vehicle users should note that this grease could do the job of a lubricant, sealant, insulator. depending on what application it is used on.

What is Dielectric Grease made of?

The grease is made up of silicone-based ingredients. This is why it is also referred to as silicone grease. It is derived from a mixture of silicone oil and a thickener, which gives it a translucent pasty look.

Dielectric Grease and the Regular Grease – What is the difference?

Regular grease, often used for multipurpose applications, can also serve as a substitute for dilectric grease in some cases. However, both kinds of grease have a specific function and make that distinguishes them.

Composition of Diaelectric Grease

In terms of composition, dialectric grease is made of silicone-based ingredients and a thickener. On the other hand, regular grease could be white lithium grease derived from lithium soap or Vaseline.

Cost of Dielectric Grease

As a result of their different compositions, the cost of getting them differs greatly. Dialectric grease is more expensive because it serves vehicle users the best functionality. Regular grease isn’t as costly; thus, it is a good substitute for a budget-friendly option.

Functionality and Strength of Silicone Dielectric Grease

For functionality, Di electric grease serves as an insulator, lubricant, sealant and can preserve electrical connection for metal to metal contact. It doesn’t wear off quickly and could serve its application purpose for a longer time. However, regular grease is a lubricant, though its lubricating effect is relatively lower than silicone grease. They could burn out quickly because they are made from weaker materials.

Usage of Di electric grease

For usage, Di electric grease is essentially used for electrical parts and components. This is because it can resist high-temperature environments. On the other hand, regular grease is used for a broader range of applications. Dielectric grease is waterproof, another feature that makes it stand apart from other forms of grease.

Generally, dielectric grease is better than regular grease, but in its absence, drivers use regular grease to serve a temporary purpose since they burn out quickly.

Dielectric Grease Buyers Guide for your vehicle

In this guide, we have examined the importance of grease, especially silicone grease dielectric. With any grease product, you can keep off oxidation, dirt, debris, moisture, and humidity away from your electrical components and parts. Although we examined dielectrics as high voltage electrical contact grease, these buyers’ guide will lead you through specific factors to consider when getting an automotive grease that suits your preference and application.

Type of Dielectric lubricant

An important tip to always hold dear when purchasing grease, especially buying dielectric sealant is the brand. Some automotive brands are trustworthy and are known to be experts in the production of specific products. It is essential to buy from reputable brands like Permatex, CRC, 3M, Mission Automotive, etc. Before you place an order for a grease product/dialectic grease product, ensure you confirm who the producers are. If you are not sure, get recommendations from professionals so you don’t get disappointed or waste your hard-earned bucks.

Another way to get reputable brands is to conduct a thorough online research for brands and their quality history. Read through reviews like ours and make an informed choice.

Viscidity of Dielectric tube paste

Thickness and its resistance to flow (sticky) is another factor to consider when getting an electrical contact grease for your parts. You have to ensure that the grease product possesses enough properties that enhance its thickness. If your grease is viscid or viscous, it will stick to whatever surface it is applied to. This eliminates the fear of your grease burning/wearing out without serving the purpose of eliminating corrosion or moisture. For the long-lasting presence of your grease on its applied surface, ensure it checks this factor.

Budget for purchasing dielctric grease

It has been established that silicone dielctric grease is more costly than your regular grease, which could be Petroleum/Vaseline jelly or White Lithium grease. Your choice, in the long run, will depend on your pocket. For the best quality you can get when it comes to automotive grease; we recommend purchasing the electrical silicone grease because it assures you of better functionality. However, if you’d rather opt for a more economical option, then you can jump on the Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly.

Tolerance of high voltage electrical contact grease

This factor is relevant when we have to discuss temperature and voltage. Dialetic grease is your best option for high-temperature environments. It will still serve as a sealant and a lubricant in such high-temp voltage without burning out or melting. If you intend to purchase a non-freeze or melting grease product that will be suitable and tolerant to extreme temperature, you should opt for the silicone dialetic grease.

Application of grease that conducts electricity

This is very important when choosing grease for electrical contacts. What you intend to use your automotive grease for will determine the kind you will eventually purchase. Dielectric silicone grease might transmit electricity for short distances, but they are a non conductive grease. However, Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly can serve as conductive grease for whatever application you intend to use them for. In terms of lasting usage, dielectric grease will keep elements out, seal in electricity and last longer on the applied surface. On the other hand, Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly will burn out after a while, making it suitable for only temporary applications.

Resistance of waterproof dieletic grease

The question you might want to ask before purchasing the grease you intend to buy is if it is water-resistant. Not all grease products are water-resistant. They might dissolve in water and might not be efficient in withstanding the effects of moisture or humidity. Silicone dielectic grease does not dissolve in water. It is a translucent waterproof grease that effectively seals out moisture and humidity. If you have doubts about the resistance level of other grease products you intend to buy, then you should opt for the dielectric grease.


This might seem to be a minor factor to consider when buying a grease product. However, certain ingredients used in the production of grease could either serve as a thickener or major additive. This could enhance the product’s ability to be sticky or disperse easily, protect wear of your electrical parts, seal in/transmit electricity in short or long paths, and prevent rust.

Automotive Dielectric Grease Diverse Applications

Dielectric grease can be used for a variety of applications on your vehicle. It serves one general-purpose, as discussed earlier in this guide. However, we will show you here how to use dielectric grease correctly on specific engine parts and other components.

How to use dielectric grease on spark plugs

For spark plugs, you need to know how to apply dielectric grease on spark plugs, because it aids easy removal of the spark plug boots from the plug. If you observe in small engines, the rubber spark plug boots might get stuck on the porcelain. Sometimes, the boot might be too light and could get damaged in the process of pulling it off. Applying spark plug boot grease serves as a lubricant to prevent such issues.

Another problem you can face for spark plugs is arcing between the boot and the metal part of the plug. Apart from preventing spark plugs boot from getting stuck, the grease also prevents arcing and preserves the electricity between the boot and the plug. Here is how to apply:

  1. Get a dielectric spark plug lubricant of your choice. Consider a reputable brand.
  2. Wear a glove, preferably. You might not want to use your bare hands.
  3. Do not use too much. You need just a little grease for optimum performance.
  4. Apply on spark plug porcelain or inside the spark plug boots. Use your little finger to spread it evenly around the boot.
  5. Fix the boot back and discover the magic. The rubber boot will no longer stick to the porcelain. It gets off easily without stress, and if they remain for years, it will not cause any form of corrosion.
  6. For your vehicles, do this for all spark plugs before placing them into the ceramic cylinder. For speculations about applying dielectric grease spark plugs on the metal terminals or ceramic parts of your plug, here is a quote from Matreyia on about where to put dielectric grease on spark plugs

“Please apply a thin layer of dielectric grease all around the ceramic part of your plugs before installing them. They prevent arcing and misfires. This is recommended on stock coils and plugs, so you KNOW it is mandatory on BimmerLife and PR Coils. If you don’t do this, you most likely will develop misfires and potentially damage your coils and plugs due to the electrical arc pathway.”

How to apply dielectric grease to connectors/multi-pin connectors

When you want to apply this grease on electrical connectors or multi-pin connectors, it is pertinent that you ensure that you rub strictly on the mating surface and not on the real conductive electrical contacts. For instance, when applying the dielectric connector grease on your light switch in your rental unit, use it on the mating surface of your switch, not on the multiple pins or inside its terminals. This will help keep dust, dirt, or debris out of the connector and prevent it from getting stuck inside its terminals. Here is what to do:

  1. Choose a good dielectric greese product.
  2. Press out a little from the tube. You need a little to rub around the mating surface sparingly. If you add too much dielectric grease for electrical connectors, it will enter the terminals and have contact with pins when plugged, which is not ideal.
  3. After applying sparingly, plug the pins into its connector.

How to use non conductive grease for battery terminals

The grease preserves electricity for battery terminals and prevents acid corrosion on battery terminals. It also lubricates the connection on the terminals and seals out water and moisture. To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a suitable dielectric grease battery terminals
  2. Clean the battery terminals with a wire brush to remove any residue of dirt, debris, or built-up grime.
  3. Press out a little grease from the tube on your finger and apply sparingly on both terminals.
  4. After coating lightly, return the battery to your car and fix it.

How to use dielectric grease on light bulbs

Light bulbs in classic cars can stop working due to burnt bulbs or corroded sockets. Although there are gaskets in the lens of these light bulbs, they still get moist and humid. This can cause the socket to corrode. In order to avoid these, you have to apply dielectric grease on the light bulb socket.

  1. Disconnect and remove the bulb from gasket lens.
  2. Press out a little from the tube.
  3. Apply sparingly on the light bulb socket and rub round the socket sparingly.
  4. Reconnect the light bulb to its holder.

You can repeat this process for your headlights and signal lights. It will keep out corrosion, keep out moisture, and help the bulb function properly.

For trailer plugs/connectors

If you use Vaseline or other conductive grease for electrical connections on your trailer plugs, it might cause your plugs to deteriorate or break down their rubberized parts. However, using silicone dielectric grease will eliminate built-up corroded elements in your plug and prevent further oxidation. Apply this grease sparingly on your trailer plugs/connectors.

How to remove dielectric grease

Drivers get stuck while trying to get rid of excess dielectric grease on their electrical components/parts. Getting rid of diaelectric grease on any of your components could be tricky because the dielectric sealant is waterproof and is hardly dissolves in any other liquid. However, here are some helpful tips to help you eliminate all that excess grease on your electrical parts.

  1. Apply highly-concentrated alcoholic liquor or methylated spirit on a piece of cloth and wipe the desired area till the grease comes off.
  2. Purchase a contact cleaner/cleaning fluid. Some of these products help you wipe out greasy and oily surfaces. They contain just the right additives that could help dissolve the dielectric grease.

According to alephzero on,

“There are “industrial grade” cleaning fluids that work, but you won’t be able to get those easily and using them incorrectly is a serious health hazard.

The best option is probably “rubbing alcohol” (US name) or “methylated spirits” (UK name), but note that while a product sold as “meths” should contain at least 90% alcohol by volume, “rubbing alcohol” may be as low as 70%, so search for a brand with the highest alcohol content you can find.

“Absolute alcohol” which is at least 99% pure is an even better option, if you can get it. Try a pharmacist, if you can’t find it for sale anywhere else.

Recommended Grease Products

22058 Permatex TuneUp Grease – Best Unadulterated Silicone-based Grease

The Permatex 22058 dielectric tune up grease, 3 oz. tube is an ideal dielectric grease that protects your components from the hazard of moisture and humidity. It seals out dirt, salt, and debris while preventing voltage leaks from high energy ignition systems. It can be used for diverse marine and vehicular applications where a Permatex 22058 dielectric tune up grease is needed.


  • Perfect lubricating agent: Jump on this grease product for all your lubrication purposes. Once the grease is on the applied part, you are convinced of permanently dealing with all forms of rust/ hard removal.
  • Non-automotive related purposes: This Permatex dielectric grease 22058 seems to serve a broader purpose, which might not be automotive-related. It also helps lubricate the stabilizer of keyboards to reduce the noise from the keyboard and enhance better key glides.
  • Viscous: The possesses just the right amount of thickness for any usage.
  • Unadulterated Silicon-based: Unlike other products that might contain fake addictives or stretchers, Permatex is made from pure silicone-based ingredients.


  • Faulty cap: The Permatex 22058 dielectric tune-up grease comes with a defective cap that can easily break off before the tube’s content is used up. Many drivers get frustrated with this issue because a faulty cap provides poor preservation for the grease.
  • No applicator tip: You will have to press out the grease from the tube with your bare hands or with a glove. However, you cannot apply the product directly to the desired surface.
  • Packaging issues: Some drivers complain that the Permatex dielectric grease arrive squeezed and a bit punctured – a fault of rough handling during delivery.

3M Silicone Paste – Best Dielectric Paste Jar

The 3M clear Silicone electrical contact grease is contained in a jar, not a tube. It also comes with an applicator brush to save you the stress of smearing your hands/ fingernails with the sticky and thick grease.


  • Simplifies Installation: It can be used in place of sprays and oils when installing or mounting seals and o-rings. It will lubricate the installation part before it is fixed. This will aid ease in installation and subsequent removal.
  • Worth the dime: This electrical connection grease is worth every dime you spend in purchasing it. It transmits electricity within short paths(metal-metal contact). You will have no regret using this product.
  • Serves multipurpose applications: It can be used as a brake caliper grease, lubricants for glides/slides. It is also useful for a variety of household purposes. You might want to keep it handy for non-automotive parts too.
  • Applicator brush for easy use: The 3M clear paste comes with an applicator brush for simpler usage


  • Quality Control: From broken seals to hardened paste, product users complain of many issues linked to poor quality control. Aside from these quality deficiencies, 3M is a safe bet for your money.
  • Bent applicator brush: The applicator brush included in the paste bottle is bent. Some users complain that it is a result of its length – the brush might have been too long. Others blame it on poor quality control.

Dielectric Grease/Silicone Paste by Mission Automotive – Best Brake Caliper Pin Grease

Mission Automotive non-conductive grease contains synthetic silicone and possesses a stable consistency, which boosts its non-melting features. The diaelectric grease can be used for metal-metal contact, rubbers, plastics, and electrical connections to prevent leakages. It can also be used for marine applications.


  • Presence of applicator brush: It has an applicator brush for its jar contents. It was bent to ensure that it reaches all the edges and parts of the bottle.
  • Quality product: The dielectric grease on electrical connections assures you of premium quality and functionality. It was made by a reputable brand, and the highest standards are maintained!
  • Affordable: The Mission Automotive grease is more economical than most top bottled silicone grease in the market. You are on the right product for your lubrication needs.
  • Serves as a brake caliper pin grease: You can also use this grease to increase the effectiveness of your brake calipers. It works like magic.


  • Brush bristles fall off: You have to be careful when using the applicator brush on any electrical component. Its bristles might fall off and stick to the applied surface.
  • Might be too thick: The mixture of the electrical connector grease might be too thick for some users.

920003 Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease

The Super Lube Silicone lubricating grease comes with an applicator tip in its pack. It is translucent white and does not have a nasty or choking smell. It is a multipurpose silicone grease which might be quite costly, but worth the dime. The waterproof electrical connection dielectric grease is made by a reputable brand known for high-quality products.


  • Applicator tip: The grease tube comes with an applicator tip in its pack, which is best used when applying grease in tight spaces.
  • High Dielectric Strength: The silicone lubricating grease is just the best product to apply on your high-temp connectors.
  • Contains Teflon: The dielectric grease for spark plugs contains non-toxic ingredients.


  • Costly: The Silicone tube might be quite pricey than other dielectric grease products. You might have to spend a bit more on this Super Lube, but it is worth the risk.
  • Sticky: As much as this is an advantage, it could also be a disadvantage for specific users.

Alternative Grease Products

Loctite TuneUp Dielectric Tube

The Loctite dielectric tune-up tube is an excellent budget-friendly alternative for automotive users searching for lube for different applications. It provides a moisture-proof for your electrical components and serves the best purpose. However, do not squeeze the tube too hard, or you might be getting ready for a grease bath.

81153 Dielectric Grease Permatex

The Permatex dielectric tune-up grease is a bigger solution for users interested in quality and quantity. It is a high-temp grease with strong resistance to extreme temp conditions. It is not dissolved by water, moisture, or oil. It is available in case packs of six, so you can be sure that this Permatex product has your back!

Super Lube Translucent Paste

The Super Lube dielectric grease for spark plugs is a synthetic grade. It has a perfect consistency, which is just sticky, thick, and not too watery.

Questions and Answers on Dielectric Grease

I have seen similar views and controversies online. Is there anything like conductive dielectric grease?

Dielectric grease is not a conductive grease. It should not be applied to conduct electricity. However, it does not disrupt the current flow if found in metal contact. It serves as a lubricant, sealant, and it preserves electrical connections, but it is not a dielectric grease conductive.

Which regular grease can be used as grease that conducts electricity?

Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly can serve this purpose, but it burns out quickly because it cannot withstand extreme conditions.


This guide contains all the necessary information you need to learn about dielectric grease. It is essential to know that dielectric grease is not a conductive grease, but it does not disrupt the current flow. It is silicone-based, and that helps it transmit current within short paths. It is also advisable for use because of its high tolerance in extreme conditions.

To choose quality and high-grade grease, you must look out for reputable brands in the automotive business. We recommend Permatex, CC, Mission Automotive, Loctite, 3M, and Super Lube. Whatever choice you make from their variety of grease products will be an absolute buy!

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