Xiaomi Mi 6 To Follow LG G6 Processor Choice?

While we are happy that LG wanted to make sure their fans got the device as early as they can, some people were not too happy that they choose to fit it with the Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the Snapdragon 835 and now it looks like Xiaomi might do the same to the Mi 6 as well.

New reports are now saying that Xiaomi will be releasing the Xiaomi Mi 6 with a Snapdragon 821 which is actually not a bad processor but the fans will not be happy knowing that there is a better processor out there.

It is said that Xiaomi will eventually release the Xiaomi Mi 6 with the new Snapdragon 835 in the future when there is more stock. Of course, this is just a speculation now and we can’t really confirm it until Xiaomi makes an announcement so take it with a pinch of salt if you can.

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