Marvel: Avengers Alliance Won’t Be The Last

Disney might have canceled off the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game and its sequel but some people believe that this might not be the last time we are going to hear about the game.

While the first game was a huge success, the sequel did not do as well as Disney thought it would which was probably the reason why Disney decided to ax it in the first place. According to Disney, they wanted to spend their time and effort and something better.

Although they did not say what the “something better” was, some fans believe that Disney might be working on a new Marvel: Avenger Alliance game with a new title. They kill off the old game so that they can use the same to create a new game that will hopefully perform better than the last game.

This is however just a speculation for now as Disney has not made any announcement or indicated that they are working on a new Avengers game. Some people also believe that Disney wants to stop developing games and focus on licensing them in the future. Protection Status