Watch Dogs 2 Sales Worst Than Predecessor, First Game To Blame

Based on some of the feedbacks and reviews that we have been getting, it does sound like Watch Dogs 2 is a better game compared to the first Watch Dogs game but the sales number surely does not reflect on that.

Pre-orders for the new Watch Dogs 2 was way lower than Watch Dogs but that was to be expected since a lot of people are worried that the new Watch Dogs 2 will not deliver just like the first game.

It is believed that the numbers will start to go up once the game is release but so far, the Watch Dogs 2 is still nowhere near the number of units sold when Watch Dogs was first released but Ubisoft thinks that things will be turning for the better soon. According to Ubisoft, the positive reception of the game will only help the game success in a long run.

The reason why sales were so slow for Watch Dogs 2 was mainly because the fans were so disappointed with the first game that they were worried the sequel will not deliver as well.

Some others are also waiting for Ubisoft to release the online multiplayer model before they purchase the game. Protection Status