2018 Buick Regal Will Have Outback Shaking In Its Boots

Wagons is not really that popular here in the US but there were talks about Buick possibly offering a Buick Regal Wagon here in the US. It is said that the Buick Regal Wagon will be build based on the Opel Insignia Wagon model which spies have already spotted more than a few times.

From what we can see in the spies shots, it does look like the Opel Regal Wagon is going to come in wider and bigger this time around. They also made a few obvious changes to the headlights. The new model will come with slimmer headlights.

We think that the Buick Regal Wagon based on the Opel Insignia wagon would look great but whether the US market is ready for it or not is a whole other story.

If the Buick Regal Wagon is given the thumbs up, the wagon will come in to compete with models like the Subaru Outback and the Volvo Cross Country.

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