Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf Force To Make Some Noise

One of the benefits of driving an electric powered model is that it is quiet since all it needs to move forward is electricity but it looks like that won’t be the case for long.

According to NHTSA, all electric vehicles will have to produce some sort of noise when they are traveling at a slower speed so that the pedestrians know that a car is coming.

It is said that up to 2400 pedestrians get injured on the roads because cars are becoming so quiet that poeple do not know that there is one nearby. To reduce the number, NHTSA is now asking automakers to make their electric vehicle noisier so that the pedestrians are alerted when there is a car around.

The vehicles will have to produce some sort of sound if it is going for 19mpg or below. All we want to know now is what kind of sound these cars are required to make.

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