Volkswagen Numbers Make Top-Seller Toyota Very Nervous

The current top seller in the US in Toyota but they might not want to get too comfortable yet because Volkswagen in looking to give them a run for their money.

According to the latest report, Volkswagen managed to sell about 10.3million units of the Volkswagen here in North America last year. This was despite all the problems they had when the whole diesel scandal was reveal.

Toyota has not announced their numbers yet but they did say that they won’t be expecting it to meet their initial forecast which means Volkswagen might have already taken over them.

The original forecast was set at 10.11million. If it was to be lower than what they forecast, it is obviously lower than what Volkswagen has reported. While Volkswagen is in a comfortable position right now, but it is believed that the new ruling in China will greatly affect the sales of Volkswagen this year.

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