Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung Did Not Learn Their Lesson

Things don’t usually turn out well when you rush it and in the case of Samsung, their highly anticipated Note 7 ended up being a huge flop after Samsung tried to beat Apple to the finish line.

Well, because of that, there were rumors saying that Samsung will be taking things slow this year and that they will only be announcing their new Samsung Galaxy S8 in April this year. That means they will be missing out on MWC.

According to The Investor, Samsung does not want to missed out on MWC this year and that they are still planning to announce the device at the event although there might be a longer gap between the announcement and the release date.

It is said that Samsung will still announce it at MWC but production will only start in March which means we will only be getting it in April. There is not a whole lot of detail about the device right now but it is believed that we might see a 6inch model this time around. Protection Status