Verizon Google Pixel Users Root While You Can!

The biggest difference between the Google Pixel and Pixel XL from the Google Store and the Google Pixel and Pixel XL from Verizon is that the one from Verizon will come with a locked bootloader while the Google Store version will not. That means those with the Verizon version will not be able to root their device but that is not entirely true.

Some people have found a way to get past the locked bootloader and root the device. Using a tool called dePixel8, Users will be able to unlock the locked bootloader. Once it is unlocked, users can root the device using the new root created by Chainfire.

However, Google will be fixing that loophole in their November update which means Verizon users won’t be able to use the dePixel8 to get past the locked bootloader anymore. That means you will have to act fast if you want to root your Pixel smartphones.

Those using the one from the Google Store can just root it with the root from Chainfire now.

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