Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Struggling To Keep Up

At this point, it definitely feels like Microsoft and their Windows-powered smartphone is walking at their own pace. While they have been offering smartphones with great hardware and specs, they seem to be having a lot of trouble trying keeping up in terms of apps.

It is not that they don’t have enough apps to offer right now but the problem with these Windows powered device is that the popular apps will not be released on the Windows OS first. Android and iOS users will get the apps first and if the app is a huge success, it might eventually make its way to Windows and the hype will usually die down by the time the app is ready for Microsoft.

Take apps like Instagram for example. iOS and Android got it first and although the app was soon available on Windows, the Windows version was stuck at Beta for the longest time.

The Pokemon Go apps was a great example. Everybody wanted to play the game but that was impossible for those using the Windows 10 OS because the app was not made for Windows.

In fact, Windows smartphone users are still waiting for the Snapchat app to arrive right now.

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