Top 5 iOS Apps To Get The Best Out Of The iPhone 6

Last September, Apple stole the headlines when it launched the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both new iPhones saw many Android users shifting to the iOS but apparently, they are a bit slowed down when it comes to selecting the best apps for their device.

Well, iPhone 6 users can worry no further as we have come up with a list of 5 best apps for the smartphone right now. They are as follow:

1. Timeline
This particular app is free of charge and it offers a different way for users to read news. The app basically puts the latest news on top and every bit it arranged in chronological order.

2. Funny or Die Weather
The popular viral website had just produced its own weather app and it works like wonders. While it might offer users a 5-day weather forecast complete with some nice animations, Funny or Die has more to offer as it tells weather in well, a funny way.

3. MoneyWiz 2
If users constantly face financial management problems, then MoneyWiz 2 is the solution. It retails at £2.99 a month and it offers users an accounting service to ensure that every cent is properly accumulated and planned.

4. Stacks 2
For only £1.99, Stacks 2 is ideal for heavy travellers and also those that live around a national border. It basically gives up to date money exchange rates and also a monitoring chart to see a pattern in the exchange figures.

5. Timberman
It’s free, fun and addictive. Timberman is simply the best game on the iOS right now and it offer players 20 different characters to unlock and play with. Protection Status