The Division: What You Need To Know

The Division will not only be getting a new expansion but the developers are also ready to release a huge update for the game.

The update, 1.6 will be a free upgrade and unlike the last few updates, Microsoft will not be getting it first. All platform will get the update at the same time. With the update, players will get the new Dark Zone North which includes Dark Zone 7,8,9.

There is also a new event called Contamination. NPC will move out to clean up contaminated body bags and it will be your job to stop them from doing it. There is also the new leaderboard feature and a new Legendary difficulty option for Times Square, WarrenGate Power Planet, and Napalm Production Site.

Other updates include a weapon change and also some changes to the damage one takes between body and headshot. While Ubisoft has yet to announce the updates after 1.6, they did say that 1.6 is not the end for The Division so we are expecting more to come.

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