LG G Flex 3: Fans Still Waiting For Closure

Well, it looks like we can almost be certain that LG has decided to kill off the LG G Flex 3. Despite the disappointing LG G Flex 2, the fans were still looking forward to seeing what LG will be offering on the Flex 3 but it looks like LG has already given up.

It was initially reported that the LG G Flex 3 will be announced alongside the LG V20 last year but that did not happen. Some people were hoping that LG would announce it at CES this year but we know that that did not happen as well.

LG has already started talking about the LG G6 now and it does not look like the LG G6 would be sharing their MWC spotlight with the LG G Flex 3 this year. Things are definitely not looking too good for the curved screen device.

Maybe LG should end their suffering and announce that they have killed off the Flex Series.

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