Tesla Model X Won’t Let You Use All That Power

Just because you have all that power to spare does not mean that you can use it. If you plan to drive with the Tesla Autopilot mode on, the system will now limit your speed limit based on the road you are driving.

According to Electrek, Tesla’s latest autopilot update will no longer allow users to set their autopilot 5mph higher than the speed limits. That means when an autopilot is set on the road, you can’t turn on the Autopilot when the speed of the vehicle is higher than the speed limit.

The update will only affect those driving on the road. The freeway regulation will stay the same.

While it is nice to see Tesla pushing out new updates from time to time, this update is not really what their customers are waiting for. Tesla promised that they will be releasing the Enhanced Autopilot this month but it does not look like that is going to happen.

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