2017 Honda Civic SI Pushes Hatchback Off Stage

After looking at what the Honda Civic had to offer, the Honda Civic fans were all looking forward to seeing what the Honda Civic Hatchback will look like. It did not take long for Honda to release the Honda Civic Hatchback model although they took a little longer to release the Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring model.

Some people fell in love with the hatchback the moment it was announced while other needed more time to get used to the design but before that could happen, Honda was already showing off the Honda Civic SI at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Even though the model at the Los Angeles Auto Show was just a prototype, many people have predicted that the production model will not look that different from the prototype.

With the SI now getting all the attention, will people even notice the Honda Civic Hatchback model?

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