Tesla Model S Turned Into A Puppet

The more advanced cars get, the more vulnerable it is. Jeep has already demonstrated how vulnerable new car with new tech can be and it looks like Tesla is about to join them as well.

Just like the Jeep cases, hackers will also be able to take control of the Tesla Model S and gain access to it. They can do so by taking control of some of the features in the Tesla Model S and unlock the car.

Tencent, a Chinese technology company reported that the Tesla Model S comes with a few vulnerabilities that will allow hackers to remotely take control of the Tesla Model S.

Hackers will be able to control features like the braking system, door locks, central display as well as sunroof. In fact, they even demonstrated how they could also take control of the braking system from 12miles away.

Tesla has already been notified and is working to get the issue fix as soon as possible.

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