Tesla Keeps An Eye On Roadster Past 2020

It looks like Tesla is getting ready to roadster another try as Elon Musk hint that there will be a Tesla Roadster in the future.

In case you forgot, Tesla started their journey with the Tesla Roadster but of course, that did not really work out for them but it least it made people notice them.

Now that Tesla has already established themselves as a series EV car maker, it looks like they are ready to take on the Roadster once more or at least that is what Elon Musk is suggesting.

When asked on Twitter if there will be a new Roadster, Elon Musk replied saying yes but he also said that it will be some years away. While it is clear that Tesla is serious about bringing another roadster into the market, the fact that he said some years away could mean that we will have to wait for years before we actually see something for them.

At least we know that Tesla is planning to stay for a little longer.

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