Tesla AutoPilot: Driver Had Too Much Faith In It

Tesla has made a lot of improvement to their Autopilot system but at the end of the day, it is not perfect yet. Despite it being called Autopilot, there are still times when the driver will have to take control and maneuver the vehicle. Like when there is a construction on the road that you are using.

One Tesla owner pointed a finger at Tesla accusing the Autopilot system of crashing the vehicle but it was later discovered that the reason why the Tesla model crashed in the barrier was because there was a construction on the road.

The vehicle follows the markings on the road that lead it straights into the barrier of the construction zone. In situations like this, the driver should be the one to react to maneuver the vehicle out of harm’s way.

Other’s argue that it was still Tesla’s fault since the driver also mention that the vehicle did not give him any warning suggesting that the Forward Collision Warning system was not working.

So who’s at fault here?

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