Telltales Batman: Engine Flaw Was Never Fixed?

Everytime Telltale release a new game, the game would have some issues and bugs that Telltale would later blame as an engine issue. They would then announce that they have been improving the engine when they announce the next game but the next game will come having the same kind of bugs and issue.

While it is true that the engine now has more features that before, they just can’t seem to get all the problem fixed. Those that have already tested out the new Batman game on their consoles have reported that the game seems to have a very poor image quality and the performance of the game is not up to standard at all.

Fans reported low frame-rate and inconsistent performance. They probably would have forgiven them if this is a one-off thing but these issues were all present in the other Telltale game.

Maybe Telltale should stop churning out games and focus on fixing all these problems first?

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