Telltale Guardian Of The Galaxy Game Leaked?

Telltale has not mentioned anything about developing a Guardian of the Galaxy game but new leak details are suggesting that there might be one in the making.

This information came after some voice actors and mo-cap performers went on a strike. They release a list of project that they will be quitting because of the strike and one of the projects that were mention was the Guardians of the Galaxy: The Video Game or Blue Harvest.

While they did not reveal the developer of the game, some people found out that the game was tied to a company called O-Ferrel Enterprise. Another game that is also under the company is The Walking Dead Season 3 game by Telltale. This has led many to believe that Telltale might also be behind the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game.

We have not heard from Telltale yet but the fans are hoping that this is true.

Steven Estevez

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