Horizon Zero Dawn: Nothing To Call Its Own

Here is the thing, what we have seen from the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn game is amazing. The graphics look great and it does look like it might actually have a great story to tell but how does this game differs from all the other open world games that we have had in the past?

Those that have played the demo version of the game at conventions commented that playing the Horizon Zero Dawn feels like they are playing an Assassin’s Creed game which a touch of The Last of Us. While that sounds interesting, it does not sound original.

Well, the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn has released a new video to explain how they plan to separate themselves of the sea of open world games out there. According to Guerrilla Games. They said took into consideration the different direction the players could be playing the game and tried to figure out how each aspect would look and work when approached from a different angle.

While it does feel like they are trying to explain something, I just don’t get it. Maybe I will when the game arrives.

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