Super Mario Run Will Get You Excited For Minutes Only

Nintendo announced that they were going to release a new Mario game on the smart devices called Super Mario Run and the fans could not be happier but things definitely took a turn for the worst.

Mario has always been one of Nintendo’s most popular games and that is why so many people were actually waiting for the game to arrive but Nintendo’s decision to charge a high price for a smartphone game might have doomed the game for good.

Although the app is currently free to play on the PlayStore and AppStore, players will only get about 10minutes of playtime before they are asked to buy the game. Most people would probably pay for it if it only cost a few dollars but the game cost $9.99. You can bet that the fans were not too happy about that.

According to Nintendo, the one-time payment method will give the parents an assurance that the game is not going to cost more are their kid progress through the game but fans are not buying any of that.

The Super Mario Run broke the download record and with the huge price tag, more people will be uninstalling it soon. Protection Status