Super Mario Run: Get Set Android Users

The Android users were not too happy when Nintendo decided to release their highly anticipated Super Mario Run on iOS first. According to Nintendo, the Android version will be arriving in 2017 but they have not revealed the exact date of release.

While we still do not know how long the wait will be, Nintendo has now revealed that fans can pre-register right now so that they can know precisely when the game will be release.

With all the hype, the Super Mario Run app was downloaded 50miilion times in the first week of release. Although the game is free to download, the free version will only give you a taste of the game. To play the full game, you will have to pay $10 for it.

Since Nintendo did not make this clear from the beginning, the fans were not too happy when they found out that it is actually a paid game. We do not know if that will affect how well the game does on Android or not. Protection Status