Subaru Can’t Touch Tacoma, Lack Of Experience

Most automakers are scrambling to get a pickup truck out into the market to compete with models like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado but Subaru has not mention or hinted that one might be on the table for them.

While Subaru might not be interested in offering one, the fans think that they should. With their Symmetrical AWD system, Subaru might be able to come out with something that is more than decent. Subaru is also in need of a mid-size truck. The new all-electric technology could also be what the truck industry right now.

As nice as that sound, we also know that Subaru has no experience in creating a vehicle like that and that alone would make the consumers skeptical. Subaru also does not have anything that can come close to what the Tacoma is offering right now so it is hard to see how they can come out with a truck that would actually threaten the Tacoma.

Do you think Subaru should even give it a try?

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