Mazda RX-9 Dream Lives On In A Small Way

When Mazda was talking about them having a team that is working on the new rotary engine right now, most of the fans thought that they were doing that so that they can release a new Mazda RX-9 model but it turns out that Mazda had some other things in mind for their rotary engine.

We already saw Mazda use the small version of their rotary engine to come ou with an electric car with a range extender. Well, that was two years ago and Mazda has not done anything with that tech since then but it is clear that they have not given up on it yet.

A new patent filed by Mazda show that Mazda is still working on the range-extender EV model. One of the patents showed the rotary engine. The new system will shut off the engine when not needed. The rotor will stop at a position that ensures no fuel or exhaust emission slips out. This would help solved the fuel economy issue that the engine has. The question now is where Mazda plans to fit this engine.

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