Star Wars Battlefront: Now Is The Time

A lot of people ended up skipping Star Wars Battlefront after players started complaining about how little content the game have. Although the game was not the best when it was first released, it is much better now and there is actually no better time to try it than now.

With the release of the new DLC, there should be more players coming back to the game now. That is not all, since the game has been around for some time now, most people would be able to get the game at a cheaper price now. Players can then used the money that they have saved to get the new DLC.

Many fans have reported that the developers have definitely been listening to what the fans has to say and that the game is now where it was supposed to be when it was released.

We are not happy that the developers took to long to make the game into what it should be but at least they did it.

The upcoming DLC will be the Death Star DLC which will come with new heroes, maps, modes, weapons and Star Cards.

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