Sony Xperia Z4: New Processors, QHD Display & More

The Sony Xperia Z4 has yet to make its debut but it seems that consumers already know all about the device. If the latest leak is to be believed, the Z4 is only going to be a refined version of the Xperia Z3.

The leak revealed that the Z4 is to come with a 5.2” screen with 2K resolution. The Z4 will be powered by the all-new Snapdragon 810 processor that is definitely faster than previous chipsets. After all, the CPU is a 64-bit machine, thus, allowing Sony to equip the Z4 with more than 3GB of RAM. Then again, the leak failed to specify on the RAM size.

Every flagship device has its own specialty. For the Sony Xperia Z4, it is going to be the cameras. While the leak suggest that the Z4 is going to be equipped with the same 20.7MP rear camera and 2.2MP front shooter, their mechanism and sensors will be tuned to snap pictures like a pro.

Of course, there will also be other improvements like the batteries and also the UI. Sony has never been shy when it comes to offering overpowered technologies with its devices and we can expect some surprises when the Z4 gets released. Again, this is something the leaks are clueless about.

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