2015 Fisker Ford Mustang Going Back In Time

Henrik Fisker is a prolific automotive artist that is well-known for many great designs like the BMW Z8, the Aston Martin DB9 and many more. The lad, who is currently serving Ford, has now launched a new design and it is his own version of the latest Mustang.

Known as the Fisker Ford Mustang, the artist revealed that the car was made with the spirit of the 1968 Shelby GT500 intact. The project was executed with the aid of Galpin Auto Sport and the end product is a marvel.

In detail, the Fisker Ford Mustang comes with an elongated hood with two massive air vents, a carbon-fibre hexagon grille, re-sculpted fenders, a new decklid and new spoilers. Performance has also been enhanced from the original Mustang as the Fisker model is equipped with new suspensions and 725hp pumped out of the V8 supercharged mill. To complete the sports package, Fisker gave the Mustange 21” wheels.

There is no doubt that the final product is as enticing as it can get. The Frisker Ford Mustang can be described as a steampunk in the automotive world. Everything about it is new but the design resembles that of the classic Shelby GT 500 model.

The car was also part of Ford’s exhibition at the latest LA Auto Show. Who knows? If the feedback is good, Ford might just approve the vehicle and view Henrik Fisker as a temporary OEM for the Mustang.

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