Watch Out! Eminem’s Cadillac Giveaway Is A Hoax!

Are you a fan of Eminem? Because if you are, then you should be aware of the Cadillac giveaway going on at Facebook. The buzz is that Eminem is rewarding a lucky fan who has Liked, Shared or Commented on the post.

Unfortunately, the giveaway is nothing more than a hoax. For starters, it was put up by an Eminem fan page that is unofficial. The page boasts 622,000 Likes but the official page has a whopping 97 million Likes.

The second evidence is with the Cadillac itself. It appears that the vehicle is nothing more than a concept model that is owned by Eminem. It is not street legal and there is no way to register the car. With that in mind, it won’t make sense if Eminem wishes to let go of the Cadillac. What if the winner lives in a small apartment? Where will he or she keep the car?

The final confirmation was made when we realized that the post came with some grammatical errors. For an international artist, any contest or treats will surely by handled by an event company, or something of the same calibre. Throughout history, there has yet to be a giveaway that comes with bad grammars and we don’t feel that Eminem wishes to be the first in that line.

With that being said, Eminem or even Cadillac fans should ignore the post. Whoever started the hoax clearly has an agenda to gain popularity.


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