Sony Playstation 4 Slim: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Some people were still skeptical when new rumors surface about Sony planning to release a slim version of their Playstation 4. With Sony working on releasing the new Neo, some people think that it does not make sense that Sony would also release a slim version but it looks like that is exactly what they will be doing.

We have already seen the images that some people believe to be fake but there is no denying it now that a new video of the Playstation 4 slim was released. The video was posted by Richard Leadbetter from Digital Foundry who went to the original leaker and recorded the slim console firing up and posted it online.

The leaker claims that he purchased the new console from Gumtree. The video has now been removed but it really did look like the real deal. More details should be reveal at the Sony event on the 7th of September.

Steven Estevez

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