Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: A Russian Roulette Smartphone?

While most of the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL users have commented that they are very satisfied with their smartphone, there are others that are saying that the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is the most problematic smartphones they have ever used.

Most users will agree that the smartphone did not start out great. Microsoft still have not gotten the Windows 10 OS to work right yet and there were some issues with the smartphone that needed fixing but Microsoft got to them pretty quickly and most of the updates were fixed soon after the released.

However, not everybody was a happy customer. Even after all the patch and fix, some users still reported that they were having some issue with the battery life of the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Other reported that their device has the tendency to reboot itself without any apparent reason.

They can’t seem to get the issue fix and it does not feel like Microsoft has a solution for it either since not everybody is experiencing this issue.

Steven Estevez

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